Mid-weight Cord Trousers

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Mid-weight Cord Trousers (Beige)
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Mid-weight Cord Trousers (Beige) Mid-weight Cord Trousers (Olive) Mid-weight Cord Trousers (Beige) Mid-weight Cord Trousers (Olive) Mid-weight Cord Trousers (Beige) Mid-weight Cord Trousers (Olive) Mid-weight Cord Trousers (Beige) Mid-weight Cord Trousers (Olive)
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Hoggs of Fife in Trousers

Offering sophistication, comfort and durability, our Men's Cord Trousers can be worn through the day and into the evening while keeping that refined appearance and versatility - they will also last you a long time!
  • Tailored to a traditional fit in 350gsm 100% cotton 8-wale corduroy
  • Two side pockets
  • One button-through rear pocket
  • Six belt loops
  • Special Hoggs of Fife inner waistband
  • Button front closure
  • Top quality easy-glide fly zip
  • £39.95RRP Find a Stockist or Become a Stockist

    Product Colours/Options

    CDTR/BG/L32 L32 Low Stock £39.95
    CDTR/BG/L42 L42 Low Stock £39.95
    CDTR/BG/L44 L44 Out of Stock £39.95
    CDTR/BG/L46 L46 Low Stock £39.95
    CDTR/BG/R46 R46 Out of Stock £39.95
    CDTR/BG/S46 S46 Out of Stock £39.95
    CDTR/BG/S32 New 32S In Stock 5055003033758 £39.95
    CDTR/BG/R32 New 32R In Stock 5055003033826 £39.95
    CDTR/BG/S34 New 34S In Stock 5055003033765 £39.95
    CDTR/BG/L34 New 34L In Stock 5055003033895 £39.95
    CDTR/BG/R34 New 34R In Stock 5055003033833 £39.95
    CDTR/BG/S36 New 36S In Stock 5055003033772 £39.95
    CDTR/BG/L36 New 36L In Stock 5055003033901 £39.95
    CDTR/BG/R36 New 36R In Stock 5055003033840 £39.95
    CDTR/BG/S38 New 38S In Stock 5055003033789 £39.95
    CDTR/BG/L38 New 38L In Stock 5055003033918 £39.95
    CDTR/BG/R38 New 38R In Stock 5055003033857 £39.95
    CDTR/BG/S40 New 40S In Stock 5055003033796 £39.95
    CDTR/BG/L40 New 40L In Stock 5055003033925 £39.95
    CDTR/BG/R40 New 40R In Stock 5055003033864 £39.95
    CDTR/BG/S42 New 42S In Stock 5055003033802 £39.95
    CDTR/BG/R42 New 42R In Stock 5055003033871 £39.95
    CDTR/BG/R44 New 44R In Stock 5055003033888 £39.95
    CDTR/BG/S44 New 44S In Stock 5055003033819 £39.95
    CDTR/OL/L32 L32 Out of Stock £39.95
    CDTR/OL/L42 L42 Out of Stock £39.95
    CDTR/OL/L44 L44 Low Stock £39.95
    CDTR/OL/L46 L46 Low Stock £39.95
    CDTR/OL/R46 R46 Out of Stock £39.95
    CDTR/OL/S46 S46 In Stock £39.95
    CDTR/OL/R32 New 32R In Stock 5055003033505 £39.95
    CDTR/OL/S32 New 32S In Stock 5055003033437 £39.95
    CDTR/OL/L34 New 34L In Stock 5055003033574 £39.95
    CDTR/OL/R34 New 34R In Stock 5055003033512 £39.95
    CDTR/OL/S34 New 34S In Stock 5055003033444 £39.95
    CDTR/OL/L36 New 36L In Stock 5055003033581 £39.95
    CDTR/OL/R36 New 36R In Stock 5055003033529 £39.95
    CDTR/OL/S36 New 36S In Stock 5055003033451 £39.95
    CDTR/OL/L38 New 38L Low Stock 5055003033598 £39.95
    CDTR/OL/R38 New 38R In Stock 5055003033536 £39.95
    CDTR/OL/S38 New 38S In Stock 5055003033468 £39.95
    CDTR/OL/L40 New 40L Out of Stock 5055003033604 £39.95
    CDTR/OL/R40 New 40R In Stock 5055003033543 £39.95
    CDTR/OL/S40 New 40S In Stock 5055003033475 £39.95
    CDTR/OL/R42 New 42R In Stock 5055003033550 £39.95
    CDTR/OL/S42 New 42S In Stock 5055003033482 £39.95
    CDTR/OL/R44 New 44R In Stock 5055003033567 £39.95
    CDTR/OL/S44 New 44S In Stock 5055003033499 £39.95