Bushwhacker Pro Lined Trousers

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Bushwhacker Pro Lined Trousers
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Bushwhacker Pro Lined Trousers Bushwhacker Pro Lined Trousers Bushwhacker Pro Lined Trousers Bushwhacker Pro Lined Trousers Bushwhacker Pro Lined Trousers
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Hoggs Professional in Trousers

    These quality poly/cotton work trousers are renowned for their durability and comfort.
  • Tough 65% Polyester / 35% Cotton Twill fabric
  • Fully lined with a sturdy 65% Polyester / 35% Rayon tartan fabric for extra warmth and protection
  • Treated with a special durable water repellent finish to resist rain and stains
  • Easily cared for - machine washable at 30C
  • Secure waist closure with both hook and bar plus button
  • 2 x Side Pockets and 2 x Rear Pockets
  • Resilient pocket linings throughout
  • Deep waistband with 7 wide belt loops
  • easy glide zip fly
  • Branded Shirt-grip inner waistband
  • Comfort fit
  • £29.95RRP Find a Stockist or Become a Stockist

    Product Colours/Options

    BWPL/NV/30L New 30L In Stock £29.95
    BWPL/NV/30R New 30R In Stock £29.95
    BWPL/NV/32L New 32L In Stock £29.95
    BWPL/NV/32R New 32R In Stock £29.95
    BWPL/NV/34L New 34L In Stock £29.95
    BWPL/NV/34R New 34R In Stock £29.95
    BWPL/NV/36L New 36L In Stock £29.95
    BWPL/NV/36R New 36R In Stock £29.95
    BWPL/NV/38L New 38L In Stock £29.95
    BWPL/NV/38R New 38R In Stock £29.95
    BWPL/NV/40L New 40L In Stock £29.95
    BWPL/NV/40R New 40R In Stock £29.95
    BWPL/NV/42L New 42L In Stock £29.95
    BWPL/NV/42R New 42R In Stock £29.95
    BWPL/NV/44L New 44L In Stock £29.95
    BWPL/NV/44R New 44R In Stock £29.95
    BWPL/NV/46L New 46L In Stock £29.95
    BWPL/NV/46R New 46R In Stock £29.95
    BWPL/NV/48L New 48L In Stock £29.95
    BWPL/NV/48R New 48R In Stock £29.95
    View Sizes
    BWPL/SP/30L New 30L In Stock £29.95
    BWPL/SP/30R New 30R In Stock £29.95
    BWPL/SP/30S New 30S In Stock £29.95
    BWPL/SP/32L New 32L In Stock £29.95
    BWPL/SP/32R New 32R In Stock £29.95
    BWPL/SP/32S New 32S In Stock £29.95
    BWPL/SP/34L New 34L In Stock £29.95
    BWPL/SP/34R New 34R In Stock £29.95
    BWPL/SP/34S New 34S In Stock £29.95
    BWPL/SP/36L New 36L In Stock £29.95
    BWPL/SP/36R New 36R In Stock £29.95
    BWPL/SP/36S New 36S In Stock £29.95
    BWPL/SP/38L New 38L In Stock £29.95
    BWPL/SP/38R New 38R In Stock £29.95
    BWPL/SP/38S New 38S In Stock £29.95
    BWPL/SP/40L New 40L In Stock £29.95
    BWPL/SP/40R New 40R In Stock £29.95
    BWPL/SP/40S New 40S In Stock £29.95
    BWPL/SP/42L New 42L In Stock £29.95
    BWPL/SP/42R New 42R In Stock £29.95
    BWPL/SP/42S New 42S In Stock £29.95
    BWPL/SP/44L New 44L In Stock £29.95
    BWPL/SP/44R New 44R In Stock £29.95
    BWPL/SP/44S New 44S In Stock £29.95
    BWPL/SP/46L New 46L In Stock £29.95
    BWPL/SP/46R New 46R In Stock £29.95
    BWPL/SP/46S New 46S In Stock £29.95
    BWPL/SP/48L New 48L In Stock £29.95
    BWPL/SP/48R New 48R In Stock £29.95
    BWPL/SP/48S New 48S In Stock £29.95