Deluxe Studded Coveralls

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Deluxe Coverall - studded
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Deluxe Coverall - studded Deluxe Coverall - studded
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Hoggs Professional in Trousers

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Most farmers spend half their lives in a coverall, so we've made ours comfortable, hard wearing, easy to wash and with simple, practical features - in the Bushwacker fabric, lightweight, durable and loved by British farmers!
  • 65% Cotton 35% polyester twill fabric
  • Studded front closure and 2 studded pockets then one on rear
  • Two side pockets with trouser access
  • External pen pocket, ruler pocket and hammer pocket
  • Full back elastication and action back tailored

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Product Colours/Options

SBST/NV/R36 36R Out of Stock 5055003008961 £29.95
SBST/NV/R38 38R Out of Stock 5055003008978 £29.95
SBST/NV/R40 40R Out of Stock 5055003008985 £29.95
SBST/NV/R42 42R Out of Stock 5055003008992 £29.95
SBST/NV/R44 44R Out of Stock 5055003009005 £29.95
SBST/NV/R46 46R Out of Stock 5055003009012 £29.95
SBST/NV/R48 48R Out of Stock 5055003009029 £29.95
SBST/NV/R50 50R Out of Stock 5055003009036 £29.95
SBST/NV/R52 52R Out of Stock 5055003009043 £29.95
SBST/NV/R54 54R Out of Stock 5055003009050 £29.95
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SBST/SP/R36 36R In Stock 5055003009180 £29.95
SBST/SP/R38 38R Out of Stock 5055003009197 £29.95
SBST/SP/R40 40R In Stock 5055003009203 £29.95
SBST/SP/R42 42R Out of Stock 5055003009210 £29.95
SBST/SP/R44 44R Out of Stock 5055003009227 £29.95
SBST/SP/R46 46R In Stock 5055003009234 £29.95
SBST/SP/R48 48R Out of Stock 5055003009241 £29.95
SBST/SP/R50 50R In Stock 5055003009258 £29.95
SBST/SP/R52 52R Out of Stock 5055003009265 £29.95
SBST/SP/R54 54R Low Stock 5055003009166 £29.95