H716 Mens Comfort Fit Jeans

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H716 Mens Comfort Fit Jeans
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H716 Mens Comfort Fit Jeans H716 Mens Comfort Fit Jeans H716 Mens Comfort Fit Jeans H716 Mens Comfort Fit Jeans H716 Mens Comfort Fit Jeans H716 Mens Comfort Fit Jeans H716 Mens Comfort Fit Jeans
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Hoggs Professional in Trousers

Great jeans for work or casual wear, western, relaxed cut, classic, 5 pocket design and built for work. They will last you longer due to the weight of fabric and quality of construction, remaining comfortable through the working day.
  • 14oz heavyweight denim
  • Graded leg
  • Double-rolled seams
  • Copper rivets at stress points to give added strength
  • Two front pockets (one with small coin pocket)
  • Two rear pockets
  • £29.95RRP Find a Stockist or Become a Stockist

    Product Colours/Options

    Dark Stonewash
    View Sizes
    H716/DK/L32 W32 L33 In Stock 5055003070357 £29.95
    H716/DK/L34 W34 L33 In Stock 5055003070364 £29.95
    H716/DK/L36 W36 L33 In Stock 5055003070371 £29.95
    H716/DK/L38 W38 L33 In Stock 5055003070388 £29.95
    H716/DK/L40 W40 L33 In Stock 5055003070395 £29.95
    H716/DK/L42 W42 L33 In Stock 5055003070401 £29.95
    H716/DK/L44 W44 L33 In Stock 5055003070418 £29.95
    H716/DK/L46 W46 L33 In Stock 5055003070425 £29.95
    H716/DK/L48 W48 L33 Low Stock 5055003070432 £29.95
    H716/DK/R32 W32 L31 In Stock 5055003070449 £29.95
    H716/DK/R34 W34 L31 In Stock 5055003070456 £29.95
    H716/DK/R36 W36 L31 In Stock 5055003070463 £29.95
    H716/DK/R38 W38 L31 In Stock 5055003070470 £29.95
    H716/DK/R40 W40 L31 In Stock 5055003070487 £29.95
    H716/DK/R42 W42 L31 In Stock 5055003070494 £29.95
    H716/DK/R44 W44 L31 In Stock 5055003070500 £29.95
    H716/DK/R46 W46 L31 In Stock 5055003070517 £29.95
    H716/DK/R48 W48 L31 In Stock 5055003070524 £29.95
    H716/DK/S32 W32 L29 In Stock 5055003070531 £29.95
    H716/DK/S34 W34 L29 In Stock 5055003070548 £29.95
    H716/DK/S36 W36 L29 In Stock 5055003070555 £29.95
    H716/DK/S38 W38 L29 In Stock 5055003070562 £29.95
    H716/DK/S40 W40 L29 In Stock 5055003070579 £29.95
    H716/DK/S42 W42 L29 In Stock 5055003070586 £29.95
    H716/DK/S44 W44 L29 In Stock 5055003070593 £29.95
    H716/DK/S46 W46 L29 In Stock 5055003070609 £29.95
    H716/DK/S48 W48 L29 In Stock 5055003070616 £29.95