Countrysport Luxury Hunting Shirt

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Autumn Luxury Hunting Shirt (Green/Orange)
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Autumn Luxury Hunting Shirt (Green/Orange) Countrysport Luxury Hunting Shirt (Rust Check) Countrysport Luxury Hunting Shirt (Olive/Wine) Countrysport Luxury Hunting Shirt (Blue/Brown) Autumn Luxury Hunting Shirt (Green/Orange)
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Available in an array of classy plaids, the Countrysport Luxury Hunting Shirt has been in our collection for several years and the number of options is ever increasing due to its success. A soft, insulating and comfortable shirt, packed with great features and a really stylish edge.
  • 100% cotton
  • 220g flannel, double brushed
  • Two zipped chest pockets
  • Horn effect branded buttons
  • Vented side seams
  • Scooped hem, back length
  • Machine washable at 40C

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Product Colours/Options

Countrysport - Blue/Brown
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LUSH/BB/1 New S In Stock 5055003098610 £37.95
LUSH/BB/2 New M In Stock 5055003098627 £37.95
LUSH/BB/3 New L In Stock 5055003098634 £37.95
LUSH/BB/4 New XL In Stock 5055003098641 £37.95
LUSH/BB/5 New 2XL In Stock 5055003098658 £37.95
LUSH/BB/6 New 3XL In Stock 5055003098665 £37.95
Autumn - Green/Orange
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LUSH/GO/1 S In Stock 5055003063175 £37.95
LUSH/GO/2 M In Stock 5055003063182 £37.95
LUSH/GO/3 L In Stock 5055003063199 £37.95
LUSH/GO/4 XL In Stock 5055003063205 £37.95
LUSH/GO/5 2XL In Stock 5055003063212 £37.95
LUSH/GO/6 3XL In Stock 5055003063229 £37.95
Countysport - Olive/Wine
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LUSH/OW/1 S In Stock 5055003088390 £37.95
LUSH/OW/2 M In Stock 5055003088406 £37.95
LUSH/OW/3 L In Stock 5055003088413 £37.95
LUSH/OW/4 XL In Stock 5055003088420 £37.95
LUSH/OW/5 2XL In Stock 5055003088437 £37.95
LUSH/OW/6 3XL In Stock 5055003088444 £37.95
Countrysport - Rust Check
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LUSH/RU/1 S In Stock 5055003078995 £37.95
LUSH/RU/2 M In Stock 5055003079015 £37.95
LUSH/RU/3 L In Stock 5055003079022 £37.95
LUSH/RU/4 XL In Stock 5055003079039 £37.95
LUSH/RU/5 2XL In Stock 5055003079046 £37.95
LUSH/RU/6 3XL In Stock 5055003079053 £37.95