Highlander Micro-fleece Shirt

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Highlander Micro-fleece Shirt (Dark Green)
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Highlander Micro-fleece Shirt (Dark Green) Highlander Micro-fleece Shirt (Lovat) Highlander Micro-fleece Shirt (Navy)
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Field Pro in Shirts

Country workers know the value of a lightweight, insulating mid layer which is quick drying, easy to look after and can be easily pulled on/taken off when your body temperature changes - but its rare you get something so versatile that looks as good as our Highlander!
  • 100% Polyester Microfleece
  • Insulates and moisture wicking
  • Full button front
  • Zipped chest pocket
  • Long shirt tail
  • Buttoned cuff adjustment

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Dark Green
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HIGH/GR/1 S In Stock 5055003044099 £34.95
HIGH/GR/2 M In Stock 5055003044105 £34.95
HIGH/GR/3 L In Stock 5055003044112 £34.95
HIGH/GR/4 XL In Stock 5055003044129 £34.95
HIGH/GR/5 2XL In Stock 5055003044136 £34.95
HIGH/GR/6 3XL In Stock 5055003044143 £34.95
HIGH/GR/7 4XL In Stock 5055003071798 £34.95
HIGH/LO/1 S In Stock 5055003069870 £34.95
HIGH/LO/2 M In Stock 5055003060914 £34.95
HIGH/LO/3 L In Stock 5055003060921 £34.95
HIGH/LO/4 XL In Stock 5055003060938 £34.95
HIGH/LO/5 2XL In Stock 5055003060945 £34.95
HIGH/LO/6 3XL In Stock 5055003060952 £34.95
HIGH/LO/7 4XL Low Stock 5055003071811 £34.95
HIGH/NY/1 S In Stock 5055003039132 £34.95
HIGH/NY/2 M In Stock 5055003039149 £34.95
HIGH/NY/3 L In Stock 5055003039316 £34.95
HIGH/NY/4 XL In Stock 5055003039323 £34.95
HIGH/NY/5 2XL In Stock 5055003039330 £34.95
HIGH/NY/6 3XL In Stock 5055003044082 £34.95
HIGH/NY/7 4XL In Stock 5055003071804 £34.95